FAITH Alive in the Home, sponsored by the Archdiocese of St. Louis, creates a unique collaboration between parishes and families to support parents of toddlers as First Teachers of the Faith in their families.

       Sacred Heart of Jesus Issue           

Prayer for Busy and   Frazzled Parents

Having a hard time finding time for prayer in your hectic days ?

Craving space that used to encourage meditation?

Our July Blog offers some encouraging ideas from a fellow frazzled mom!  

Check it out...

Women's Bible Study

Read more about this spiritual growth opportunity offered by the Abortion Healing Ministry of the Archdiocese.

St Kateri Tekawitha -
our first Native American Saint 

                            July 14

St. Kateri's story will engage your whole family.  Find out how she was related to the Jesuits Isaac Jogues and others who were tomohawked by Iroquois warriors!  Open the link below for her amaziing story:

Special Feasts for July

Our Lady of Mount Carmel 

July 16

Under this title, Mary has been honored first by the hermits who lived on Mount Carmel in Northern Israel in  in the 12th century. 

To find out more about the historical development and meaning of this feast, click on this link:

Patrons for Parents ...and Grandparents!
St. Joachim  & St. Anne 
        July 26

Saints Joachim and Anne_edited.jpg

Parents and Grandparents alike can turn to Saints Joachim and Anne, the Parents of our Blessed Mother, and Grandparents of Jesus!

Much of what we know of them comes to us from oral traditions -- perhaps stories Mary herself told to the disciples.For centuries devotion to these beloved saints hasenriched our Catholic heritage, and supported many parents and grandparents.    

Click below to learn how you can celebrate and honor these saints, who may become your best friends!  


Trained home visitors support parents in integrating the spiritual and moral domains with other developmental areas to form the whole child.

Setting family faith goals chosen by each family, parents, and facilitator collaborate in fostering the child's growth in a faith environment.

Hands-on Learning

FAITH provides resources and advice to assist parents in preparing their child for school readiness as well as spiritual and moral growth using

  • Catholic faith tradition

  • Virtue-based formation

  • Restorative home practice

  • CDC Milestones developmental tracking


Peer and Parish

Connections with peers and welcoming parish communities support parents in personal spiritual growth while making faith in their home a priority.

Age-appropriate activities

Parenting resources and support

Read our blog for regularly updated faith-based inspiration 

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