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Free Exhibit of Eucharistic Miracles Created by young 21st Century Teenager

Sr. Maureen Martin

November 10 - November 20th

Find out how you can have this beautiful display of verified Eucharistic miracles in your parish.

Researched and digitally created by a young Italian boy, Carlo Acutis, whose cause for sainthood is in process by the Church, a display of verified Eucharistic miracles from around the world and across centuries is now available in St. Louis.

The amazing display informs of many scientifically proven miracles showing the Eucharistic Host as true human flesh and blood by recounting happenings and validated miracles throughout the centures into our own time.
Call Amy Buehrle in the Office of Worship at the St. Louis Archdioce: 314-792-7231 to find out how to make arrangements to have this display in your area or parish.
To learn more about Carlo Acutis, visit this site:

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