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Generosity: A Family Affair

October 14, 2020

How can parents reveal the Limitless generosity of our God to their children?

World Mission Sunday,October 18th, gives parents a wonderful means of teaching generosity. During our Covid times, families around the world are suffering want, hunger, discouragement and fear.

Giving a donation from our own need, stretching our faith to help others, and sharing this decision with our children - yes, even our young toddlers - can provide life-long memories that keep on giving in the formation of our chidlren's character.

In His world Mission Sunday message, Pope Francis states:
"God himself is Love, love that is always “on mission”, always reaching out in order to give life.

Created in the image of this extravagently generous God, how can we keep from giving?

You can read the entire (brief) message here:

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