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Pope Francis' New Year Homily : "Build a Culture of Care"

January 1, 2021

Pope Francis: In new year, share the blessing of your time....imitate Mary to build a "culture of care."

America Magazine posts the New Year Homily where Pope Francis shares his insight and hope for the coming year...pointing a way forward for our weary hearts. Catholics and Christians of all faiths look to the Lord's example; Christ who lived in a time plagued with incurable illnesses and disability, infested with addictions to so many sensual entrapments and plays for power.

Jesus wandered among the poorest, most neglected and impoverished; those who were disenfranchised and discriminated against, often helpless. His human life, however, exhuded joy as he shared belief and hope with his Mother, his disciples, those who placed faith in His promises and His vision of a new Heaven and new Earth!

Find Pope Francis's beautiful, hope-filled words at this site:

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