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Who is Gabrielle Bossis? Discover her journal of Christ's words: He and I

You will enjoy a brief introduction to Gabrielle Bossis in this video inerview .

Learn about the personal spiritual journal written by Gabrielle Bossis, a French laywoman and nurse in World War I, who recorded her mystical conversations with Jesus pulished as HE and I for all to share. One quote from her journal cites Jesus's purpose in communiating with her:

“Do you know what we’re doing in writing these pages? We’re removing the false idea that this intimate life of the soul is possible only for the religious in the cloister. In reality my secret and tender love is for every human being living in the world” (p.293).

A devotional book using sections of the journal has been published by Pauline Media. The web link given here will introduce you to Gabrielle as a person, and friend of Jesus as she lived her ordinary life. Her experience reveals how much Christ desires all of us to grow closer to Him- heart to Heart.

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