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Word of God Sunday - Family Bible Enthronement

Sr. Maureen

January 6, 2021

January 24th is Word of God Sunday. Enthroning the Bible in your home is a beautiful way to teach children about the central role of scripture in life. A good question: "How often do I read the Bible?" Another consideration: "How many ways can someone read the Bible?" Some great resources are included with this news item!

To honor the WORD of GOD and encourage all to read and live His Word, Pope Francis has set the third Sunday after Christmas as the Word of God Sunday! As we begin a new year, still facing the Covid crisis with all its uncertianties, God's presence and guidance in His holy Word is ever more important.

As research shows, a faith-based sharing and bonding between parent and children instills greater peace, confidence and trust in our children. This bonding in faith between a parent, child, and God has been scientifically proven to sustain the child into adulthood. Adolescents and young adults who grow up with this faith relationship are 85% less less likely to succomb to anxiety, stress, depression and other pressures. They gain a resiliency formed in life-long trust in the loving promises and providence of God.

One way to foster this relationship with God and family is to bring God's Word into the heart of the family, reading and sharing the bible teachings and stories. This can begin by placing the Bible in a place of prominence and honor in our family homes. This visual sign speaks loudly to children about the value we place on knowing theWORD Himself, and living according to God's will and purpose.

You can find a simple and beautiful ritural for Enthroning the Bible in your home (in English and Spanish) at this link:

To learn ways to read the Bible...with our children and as adults, you will enjoy this brief video by Fr. Mike Schmitz:

Opening our hearts, minds and families to God's Word leads us deeper into our personal relationship with Christ, and the Father. Blessed Reading!

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