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Easter Every Sunday

Easter is always new.

There is no day more exciting or important for a family to celebrate than Easter – Christ’s Resurrection --the day that brought us all new life, the reality we receive personally at our Baptism!

An old family picture unearthed by my siblings brought back the joy of that family day. It was one of the only days we all got a new dress or outfit. It reminded me of our first Easter egg hunt in the yard of our new family home – where we actually had a front and back yard to explore!

Of course, this glorious day started off with our family going to Mass together. Though we children did not fully grasp the depth of meaning our Eucharist celebrated, our parents – and grandparent- certainly made that reality of Christ’s Living Presence in Eucharist a priority to celebrate.

For Christians, every Sunday is Easter! Every Sunday – God’s Day – is the first day of our week, a recreation, of sorts, that brings new life to our week. The Catholic Catechism explains some of this awesome truth:

The Sunday celebration of the Lord’s Day and his Eucharist is at the heart of the Church’s life. (2177)

Jesus rose from the dead “on the first day of the week.” Because it is the “first day,” the day of Christ’s Resurrection recalls the first creation. (2174) In ancient times, St. Justin described Sunday for the early Christians:

We all gather on the day of the sun, for it is the first day…when God, separating matter from darkness, made the world; and on this same day Jesus Christ our Savior rose from the dead. (St. Justin, I Apologie. 67)

And here’s the good news for our Sunday celebrations, according to God’s design as described in the Catholic Catechism:

Just as God “rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done,” human life has a rhythm of work and rest. The institution of the Lords Day helps everyone enjoy adequate rest and leisure to cultivate their familial, cultural, social and religious lives.” (2184)

Easter reminds us of the value, richness and joy of establishing a Catholic culture in the family that embraces this truth. What is a “Catholic culture in the family”? How can it be formed? The link below offers a brief sharing from a father of six children who has made this question the basis of his family life. Perhaps you will hear something that can enrich yours.

Easter Blessings!

Conversations that Matter: The Domestic Church - Dr. Jared Staudt

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